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We run away together in 2019

Time:2019-07-08 12:07:57  Author:admin  Source: This website

On January 5th, at the beginning of the New Year, Ningbo Donly Transmission Equipment Co., LTD. 2018 summary commendation congress was grandly held in Nanyuan hotel, commending the advanced collective and excellent staff emerging from various departments in the past year, and thanking all the staffs for their hard work and great efforts. More than 1,000 employees of the company gathered together, trace the memory from the past and looking forward to the future.

Mr. Song Jilong, the founder and chairman of Donly Co., LTD., Mr. Song hetao, director and general manager of Donly Co., LTD., Mr. Luo Yuefang, director of Donly Co., LTD., chairman of Ownic technology co., LTD., Mr. Dong Rong, general manager of Ownic technology co., LTD., attended the meeting. At the same time attended the meeting of the leadership and Donly transmission executives and overseas company leaders.

Song Jilong chairman made an important speech, he said: "over the past year, Donly transmission under the complicated international and domestic environment, we have one working hard, good fighting team to work together, close collaboration, overcome various difficulties, obtain orders, production, sales, collection and so on each index hit a highest record, these achievement have not come easily, on the behalf of DONLY,I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for you!"

At the same time, chairman Song Jilong also put forward the expectation of 2019 for all the staffs of Donly transmission:”In the New Year, I hope Donly transmission will focus on three things -- technology, market and management.We should develop high-end products, strengthen the driving force of enterprise development, expand non-steel markets, increase the share of emerging markets, and implement digital factories to improve quality, reduce costs and improve efficiency.We also need to put people who are able to take on tasks and face the market and hear the fire as commanders. We need to integrate 'having goals, be able to struggle, be able to make contributions, be able to make achievements and be able to take on responsibilities' into our daily work, so as to build a' Donly iron army 'that is brave enough to fight tough battles, capable of winning them and tough in style.”

Donly transmission chairman Zheng Caigang delivered an important speech on the New Year's objectives and tasks for the deployment and arrangement.

He laid special stress on the two points: first, innovation is the first power, leading the development under the new situation, we only has the innovation, unremitting innovation, to drive the next leap development, encourage everyone to technology innovation foundation, mass transfer efficiency with technology innovation, product innovation to expand the market, innovative talents.In Donly, we should actively create a good atmosphere that encourages bold innovation, bold innovation and inclusive innovation, cultivate and make good use of all kinds of innovative talents, further stimulate the innovation vitality and creative potential of all employees, and let innovation add strong wings to Donly's rapid development.

Quality is the first competitiveness to occupy the market.Focus on quality, quality awareness is the key, the implementation of responsibility is the foundation, the system is the guarantee, customer satisfaction is the standard.In 2019, we will focus on ensuring the normal operation of equipment, establishing the modern procurement concept, and improving the technology level. The quality assurance department will guide, supervise, check, prevent and improve the product quality, and ensure the product design quality.

General manager Shen Jie made a summary report on behalf of the company in 2018. In 2018, Our Donly transmission is very different.This year, we have one heart, unity and struggle, Donly transmission operating indicators on a new level. After years of standardized, institutionalized, standardized and programmed operation, "Donly transmission" brand has became the first choice in the metallurgical industry and has gradually been favored by all walks of life.These achievements are the society, the customer to our enterprise prestige, the product quality and the brand image biggest approval, is also our future development huge power.

The meeting was presided over by Xu Junjie, deputy general manager.

Deputy general manager Ding Bichun declared the 2018 company honor and advanced commendation. God helps those who help themselves.Today's Donly, because of your hard work and forge ahead, our Donly cause, because of your cautious and conscientious creation and change with each passing day.In the past year, we have explored a better path of development and reaped the joys of development.During this period, a large number of outstanding collectives and employees emerged.

After the end of the 2018 year-end summary and commendation conference, the gala in 2019 officially began.All the staff got together happily in the evening party, the staff of each department showed the talented and versatile side.

2019, Donly will provide high quality and the path of development, we have responsibility and mission, to become "China's most" driving equipment of international competitiveness, create a product quality can compete with foreign brands, labor productivity as the domestic first-class, manufacturing efficiency, standardize management of intelligent digital "Donly dream ”factory, it is the future and blueprint for which we should strive.